Wednesday, August 8, 2018

I have too much to balance, so I'm saying goodbye

Helloooo out there. 

I know there are not many eyes reading this post because I have seriously (I mean, horribly, really, really seriously) neglected BalancingMama. 

Life is taking enough of my time and parenting/life/travel writing does not have it's little niche in my world anymore. I am writing for businesses, media strategizing, media planning and buying, and managing social media and B2B ad campaigns. It keeps me busy and, frankly, those things pay the bills a whole lot better. I can buy my own tickets to awesome theme parks and newly-released movies and, of course, I will still share my thoughts and favorites on social. 

So it's not really goodbye at all... just "see ya elsewhere."

@BalancingMama on Instagram has been changed to @julie.k.mama
Please find me there!
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