Monday, June 27, 2016

Not too young for baseball: a Sunday afternoon with the Atlanta Braves! #BravesBlogger

I am an Atlanta Braves Blogger, and my family was hosted at Turner field for an Atlanta Braves game. All opinions are my own.  

I took a two-year-old to an MLB game - and survived! I was unsure about bringing a young and extremely active boy to an Atlanta Braves game during his nap time, and my mama-anxiety was in top form preparing for the event. I traveled to Turner Field equipped with games on my cell phone and a fully charged battery, extra 2T clothing for unexpected messes, and a pouch of his favorite fruity-flavored applesauce.

We didn't need any of it!

The Atlanta Braves game was a lot of fun for my entire family. Both of my children, ages 8 and 2, were interested in the game and watching the crowd via the jumbotron. Occasional inter-inning races and games were hilarious; one child cheered on the giant Home Depot bucket and the other laughed at the Home Dept hammer mascot as they raced and pushed their way to the finish line after the 4th or 5th inning.

The little guy also took several turns in the Scouts Alley "bullpen", showing everyone his arm. We ate frozen yogurt out of the most adorable Atlanta Braves batting helmet bowls, waved down the concessions guy for some popcorn, and clapped along with the crowd when a couple Braves managed home runs. The toddler, by the way, passed out in the car within moments afterwards. Mama score.

We will go back again - hopefully soon!

Bring your kids to a Braves game! 
Right now, you can sign your children up for the Atlanta Braves Kids Club and receive two free tickets to a remaining home game (with few exceptions) for all members of the Braves Kids Club, presented by Chick-fil-A. There are two membership options. Both the premium and free memberships include a BOGO (buy one, get one) ticket offer and a Braves Passport where members can earn prizes for attending home games. The premium option also includes a meet-and-greet with the Home Depot tools mascots, a Freddie Freeman Kids Club jersey, drawstring bag and wristband, free admission to the Braves Hall of Fame, and more.

This season marks the final one for the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field. The Braves will be moving up I-75 to the brand new SunTrust Park in Cobb County for next season, so it was important to us to bring the children to Turner Field this time. Turner Field is an impressive stadium with history from the 1996 Olympic Games and a lot of interesting things to see and do. Check out this article: 101 things to do at Turner Field for a really great list!

We are happy to report that we witnessed a 5-2 win over the Mets yesterday. Let's go Braves!

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Linked up to Mommy and Me Monday with Really, Are You Serious. The pic above has to be my new family photo. So "us"!

Friday, June 10, 2016

FUNtastic improvements at Six Flags Over Georgia! #themepark #atlanta

Six Flags Over Georgia, located just west of the city of Atlanta, is one of the best all-day destinations for family fun, thrilling rides, entertainment, and water slides. 
Are you a Six Flags Over Georgia Super Fan? I am nearly there! I have enjoyed plenty of screams, laughs, and smiles at the park since I moved here fresh out of college in 1999. This means I know a thing or two about the park, the rides, and all of the new additions that have boosted Six Flags Over Georgia into superstar status over the past 3 or so years.

Here are a few recommendations based on the hot improvements recently debuted at the park...

#1: Definitely bring the kids!
This season, Six Flags Over Georgia opened the all new Bugs Bunny Boomtown featuring seven rides and attractions for the youngest theme park fans (most are 36" minimum height) including Tweety's Treehouse and the Daffy Duck Bucket Blasters. On Memorial Day weekend 2016, the world’s first DC Super Friends themed area debuted with thrill rides that are fast and fun, yet suitable for the entire family. Six Flags Atlanta Properties Park President Dale Kaetzel said, “This area, combined with the addition of Bugs Bunny Boomtown earlier this year, solidifies Six Flags Over Georgia as the perfect destination for family fun.” I toured the new family areas with my daughter a couple weeks ago. Even though she is over 54" and a mega coaster junkie, we still had fun riding the new family attractions together.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hilton Head Island for a family vacation

Hilton Head island, located just over the South Carolina border and under one hour from Savannah, is a natural beauty with family vacation activities for all ages. Hilton Head Island has been named one of the top 10 family beaches in the country, and my family would agree! The island has numerous family-friendly vacation rentals from condos to coastal homes to palatial estates and top brand resorts like Westin and Omni also. You can always find Hilton Head accommodations to fit your needs, regardless of the size of your family or the length of your stay.

What is there to do on Hilton Head Island? The top five activities on Hilton Head listed by Trip Advisor include bike trails, Colingy Beach, boat tours, a forest preserve, and the Coastal Discovery Museum. Our most recent trip consisted of plenty of beach and pool time, some bike rides, a mini golf night, and several delicious meals at top-rated Hilton Head seafood restaurants.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Keep reading fun over the summer!

To help keep children reading over those hot summer months, Scholastic launched the Summer Reading Challenge nearly ten years ago to provide a fun way for parents to keep reading exciting for kids over the summer. Children can log reading minutes online or on their mobile devices over the summer and their reading minutes count toward their school total. Thousands of schools participate each year for a chance to break the World Record of Reading. It is an entertaining and interactive challenge for those summer months!

On the website, the Scholastic Parent section also includes a Daily Digest with book lists, reading tips for kids, book reviews, and more. 

Our household loves to read and we are fans of the Scholastic organization. If you are struggling for ideas over the summer, click on over to the treasure-trove of suggestions, tips, and fun. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

I did laundry and dishes on Mother's Day

Today is my 38th birthday. I am finishing up some of the kids' laundry, doing a bit of work... but later today, I will enjoy an upscale lunch with my dear husband and no kids! So my birthday will have a special highlight today. I will eat chef-prepared food and I won't have to tell anyone to sit down 19 times. I won't have to take anyone to the potty!

Yesterday was Mother's Day. In the Atlanta area, it was sunny and warm and a perfect example of springtime. My family stayed mostly at home. I did some laundry, I unloaded the dishwasher. Was I upset about that? No, I chose it. The best thing about my Mother's Day was that I did not have to do any of that. In fact, my husband reprimanded me a few times for refusing to sit my booty down and do nothing. I had my fair share of sitting and relaxing. I watched a movie with my daughter, played mindless games on my cell phone, and enjoyed a completely stress-free Mother's Day. I completed a few chores because I felt like it, not because I felt the to-do list looming over me. Sometimes I forget that I have a choice. The days are busy and hectic and I try to do it all for everyone. It was nice to be reminded on Mother's Day that I should simply stop once in a while. 

Moms, how was your Mother's Day? Did you relax? Play? Spend the day away from the kids altogether? There are no right or wrong answers here; your day is what you make of it.

I was loved, and I loved it.  

Happy Mother's Day (a day late)!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Childhood classic "The BFG" coming to theaters

“The matter with human beans," the BFG went on, "is that they is absolutely refusing to believe in anything unless they is actually seeing it right in front of their own schnozzles.”
― Roald Dahl, The BFG

The BFG is a beloved Ronald Dahl children's book about a big friendly giant and his new friend Sophie. It is a book with character, adorable dialogue, and some memorable quotes. I am excited to say... the Steven Spielberg-directed film The BFG is coming to theaters on July 1st! 

This trailer was just released a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Disney's The Jungle Book - now in theaters everywhere!

In celebration of THE JUNGLE BOOK film opening, Disney sent out an amazing video highlighting the voices in the film including Bill Murray (“Baloo”), Sir Ben Kingsley (“Bagheera”), Lupita Nyong’o (“Raksha”), Scarlett Johansson (“Kaa”), Idris Elba (“Shere Khan”), Christopher Walken (“King Louie”), Giancarlo Esposito (“Akela”) and Neel Sethi who plays Mowgli, the only live action character in the film.

This is a star-studded cast and I cannot wait to see the film!  Is it a film for the little ones? Well, I was not able to attend the screening so I do not know, but my friend Lindsey over at Redhead Baby Mama has this to say...

"There are A LOT of “gotcha” moments when animals seem to jump at the audience, tigers attack and monkeys reach.  You may want to take the movie in on date night and screen it for your young kids to see if they will like it."   

Check out the video below, then click through to read the rest of Redhead Baby Mama's  review here: The Live-Action Jungle Book is Here!


Have you seen the film?! Let me know what you think! 
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