Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Holiday In The Park returns to Six Flags Over Georgia! #Atlanta

Looking for a memorable experience with out-of-town relatives or some thrilling family fun with the kids? I highly recommend Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Over Georgia! We attended a media/blogger preview on Friday night. We left the little guy at home with a sitter and took our big girl and her friend to Six Flags for the tree lighting, holiday festivities, and roller coasters!

photo: Six Flags Over Georgia

We twisted and twirled and squealed for several hours and enjoyed the sparkling lights. Six Flags is a blast at night and the holiday lights make it even better! Holiday In The Park is back for the second year in Atlanta, and we look forward to it becoming an annual family tradition.

photo: Six Flags Over Georgia

What will you experience if you visit Holiday In The Park at Six Flags Over Georgia this year? Well, some of your very favorite theme park rides, of course! But in addition, this Six Flags winter event is all about festive shows, dozens of Christmas trees, more than one million LED lights, and a cozy meet with Santa Claus in the Santa Claus Cabin.  You may also stroll through Peppermint Plaza, the North Pole, and snowy Main Street Christmas. Walk through a mistletoe tunnel with your sweetie or journey back in time to simpler days of Christmas past with Retro Christmas USA. The magical event is open NOW and runs through January 3rd, 2015.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Photo bomb the baby playing with your phone

Andrew enjoys making faces at himself with the phone camera. I enjoy photo bombing his fun photos by copycatting his faces.

Mommy and Me Monday is silly this week!
Linking up with Krystyn at ReallyAreYouSerious.com. She's on her 301st Mommy and Me Monday!

Monday, November 16, 2015

It's time for holiday revelry in #Atlanta

I spotted my first retail Christmas decoration on October 30th this year.... one day before Halloween. I get it. Christmas decorations make a lot of people want to spend money. Stores want to take that money. Therefore, stores push the holiday cheer into our collective faces as early as possible. I expect to see it on October 28th next year.

Now that Thanksgiving is almost upon us, I am cool with the holiday merriment. I still feel like it is September, but Christmas will be here before we know it. Life is just too fast sometimes!

If you are in the Atlanta area like I am, there are many activities and special events happening from now through early January. So if you are bummed by the darkness in both our weather and world events today, it is not too early for some Christmas cheer. Head out this weekend for one of these favorite family festivities:

Stone Mountain Christmas
Gorgeous lights, holiday music and shows, beloved winter characters (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Bumble!), Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas 4-D, the Snow Angel's magical snowfall, and fireworks, along with all of the attractions and shopping always offered at Stone Mountain Park. Open now! Visit Stone Mountain Christmas for ticket information and hours.

Six Flags Holiday in the Park 
For the second year, Six Flags Over Georgia will be transformed into a sparkling winter wonderland! Also included: holiday shows and special activities, plus the thrills and laughs you can only get from Six Flags! Opens this weekend, November 21st! Visit Six Flags Over Georgia for more information.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Stereotyping... just stop it.

I look at Facebook posts and comments on news articles and I just want to yank someone through the screen and shout, "what is WRONG with you people?"

Is this what social media has done to our society? Has it made it acceptable to snarl and offend and lose every sense of normal decorum? Do the people who troll the Internet and act downright asinine have the guts to do that in real life? In front of living, breathing human beings? Maybe they do. Maybe they truly are horrible grumps who will say or do as they please without a care. Or maybe they find comfort in hiding in basic anonymity behind a computer screen and the evil just spews out uncontrollably?

When did basic societal decency get thrown in the dump because we aren't in person anymore?

The stereotypes.... oh, the stereotypes. Do you want to know a really good way to incite anger and violence among the masses? Take a very small portion of a group of people and apply that personality to "all of 'em".

When the Starbucks red cup fiasco hit social media, I saw hundreds of references to "Christians" who are angered by the solid red cup redesign. Do you know who is angered by this design? One or two or three people who call themselves Christians but who really don't live up to Christian ideals at all. Christianity does not teach us to freak out about the frivolous. It teaches us to be humble, to be peacemakers. To turn a blind eye. Yet the masses on social media are going on about "those crazy Christians" again. Address the issue how it really is - a few people who do not, under any circumstances, represent an entire religious group of people.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

We ate our way through #BeachesMoms!

If you missed my tips on having a memorable and rejuvenating girls' weekend at Beaches Resorts, click on over and read all about it. 

Some girls eat like sweet little birds and watch their calories closely, even on vacation... not me! Throughout my four-day girls' weekend adventure with a friend for #BeachesMoms 2015 at Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos, our main topics of conversation were: the color of the water, the conference activities, and food.

photo: StayingCloseToHome.com

Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos has 20 international restaurants, all of which are included in your resort price. Beaches Turks & Caicos restaurants offer delightful cuisine ranging from family-friendly offering chicken nuggets and french fries, to pizza, to hibachi style Japanese, to high-end French cuisine. Some restaurants like the new Jerk Shack offer picnic table seating right on the sand while others have white tablecloths and candle light. There is a wide range in between to suit any desire, including a few buffets if you want to eat quickly to get back to the Beaches Pirate's Island waterpark, one of six sparkling swimming pools, or the unsurpassed beauty of the Turks and Caicos oceanfront.

Did I mention? There was a lot of talk about food.

photo: BalancingMama.com

"Let's go down to breakfast." 
"And then we can plan where to eat lunch!" 

photo: StayingCloseToHome.com

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