Friday, October 30, 2015

Five "do's" for a girls' weekend at a family resort

Let's assume you are a busy mom, a multi-tasking master, fulfiller of all snack requests. Assume you need a break from it all; a chance to slow your pace and find your inner "me" again. It is not very difficult to imagine, is it? You are likely living it. The pace, the needs, the taxi service that you seem to be running. The dream of stepping away from it all, for just a moment, to catch your breath.

What you need is a girls' weekend. Or a whole week! Leave the children with your capable husband, maybe an in-law or two, and go. I was able to do this last week when I traveled, sans family, to Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos for the second annual Social Media on the Sand Conference. I arranged to bring a friend to fill in for my family - and what a fantastic time we had!

Can adult women have a luxury experience at a family resort like Beaches Resorts? Yes! Here are my five "do's" for a successful and refreshing girls' weekend at a family resort:

#1: DO find an ideal quiet spot. Silence is probably scarce at home with children. To fully recharge, spend some time in your favorite resort relaxation spot. At Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos, it was easy to turn a corner or two and find a mini oasis with shade, comfortable seating, and few other humans. I loved the serene charm of the open-air Veranda House in the Key West Village. My friend enjoyed a hidden piece of the Italian Village, tucked behind the shops, that she discovered on our second day. Even though it is a family resort, Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos offers many peaceful escapes from the beach, pool, and water park.

#2: DO act like a kid again. Snap some photos with Sesame Street characters and dance along with the Friday night beach party parade. Why not? Do something childish and silly for yourself for once. You can show the kids how awesome you are with fun photos when you get back home.

#3: DO something you usually cannot when on a vacation with kids. Work up a healthy sweat at the fitness center(s). Take a Hobie Catamaran ride in the turquoise waters without worrying that a small child will fall overboard (several water sports are included at Beaches Resorts).  Indulge in sounds and scents with a pampering treatment at the Beaches Resorts Red Lane Spa. Lounge in a chair by the turquoise sea with a drink in hand without getting up or getting wet for two solid hours. Whatever peaks your interest and sounds luxurious to you - just do it. Do not go home until you have fully immersed yourself in a luxurious moment. Or five.

#4: DO silently gloat to yourself whenever you pass an exasperated parent and a kid on the verge of meltdown. I did this a few times. While Beaches Resorts are outstanding for children with included water sports, entertaining youth programs for toddlers to teens, sparkling pools, and kid-friendly dining, kids will be kids. They will get tired and cranky. They will fight with siblings. So while you are away on your all-inclusive girls' trip for yourself, remember to appreciate the reprieve from playing peacekeeper.

#5: DO take time to savor the food. Try it all! No rushing through to avoid a kid meltdown. Beaches Resorts have fully all-inclusive restaurants with food options ranging from extremely kid-friendly to fine dining. Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos has 19 restaurants, all included. My friend and I made sure to try as many as we could (I think we made it through 15!), focusing on the finest menus and skipping pizza, burgers, and fries.

So moms, get out there and have a great time when you can! A girls' weekend is a fantastic way to rejuvenate and appreciate life at home again. Don't let a family resort scare you away - Beaches Resorts make an ideal girls' weekend getaway!

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