Monday, October 12, 2015

All things Harry Potter: for #Halloween!

My book worm of a daughter is starting to get into Harry Potter. She began by watching the first movie, and now we are starting her on the brand new illustrated Harry Potter book series! The stories are incredible without illustration, but as a young yet highly advanced reader, my 7 1/2 year old really enjoys pictures to go with the story.

She is also ready to hit the neighborhood in her latest Halloween costume: Hermione Granger. With just-past-the-shoulder curly hair, she looks the part perfectly once she dons the long black Hogwarts robe and Gryffindor necktie. Just last week, my friend at posted a DIY Harry Potter magic wand tutorial... check out this magical handiwork! Here's her DIY Harry Potter wand Pinterest pin as well. 
Image: (click for full post)

So we are all set on the costume front! If you want to really make a Hogwarts-type splash for the upcoming holiday, investigate some of these amazing Harry Potter decorating and food ideas from Pinterest:
Image: Buzzfeed (click for full post)

Image: Over The Big Moon (click for full post)

Happy October! Halloween will be here soon! Trick or Treat?!

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