Wednesday, April 11, 2018

This koala teaches kids to cope with change

How do your children cope with change? Does it cause negative behaviors? Children appreciate a predictable routine and change can certainly be worrisome.  Whenever you know that change is coming, help your child with some advanced warning and discussion.  Of course, many of the most stressful changes come without any notice. What should parents do then? 

Bright Horizons Family Solutions, a leading provider of early education and preschools, offers these tips for helping your kids to cope with change: 
  • Keep as much the same as possible
  • Answer all their questions
  • Expect that some regression may happen
  • Be accepting of grieving

If you are looking for a new bedtime read for your young child, I have a lovely suggestion. This book is especially awesome if you are experiencing change that is affecting the family. Look no further than this Scholastic favorite. The Koala Who Could features Kevin, who lives his life clinging to the same tree. Trying anything new is just too scary for poor Kevin, so he misses out on the fun with friends on the ground. Then change happens. Just like it inevitably happens to us humans throughout our lives. Does fluffy fearful Kevin adapt to change? Well, read the book and find out. 

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