Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Day surprises for young children

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love and family. While you are planning a night out for your spouse or picking a card that says it just right or bustling around to get 22 classroom valentines purchased and coercing your child to fill them all out, do not forget to find a little surprise something for your young elementary or preschool aged kiddos.

I have always enjoyed surprising Amelia with a balloon or card or a little something special on various holidays and occasions. It is easy to purchase candy or a stuffed animal from the nearby drugstore for the kids pre-Valentine's Day, but how about something a little more unique or special? I certainly do not need any more stuffed critters in this house!

I perused the trusty Internet to find some ideas for my little ones. How about these adorable creations? 

Keepsake Surprise
source: PersonalCreations.com
This Hello Kitty box from PersonalCreations.com is personalized with a name and filled with Jelly Bellies. You could get any jewelry box or ceramic trinket box and fill it with a favorite candy. This gives your child something special and "grown up" to keep along with their sugary snack.

Money Flower
I love this idea!  Children love to receive real money to add to their piggy banks or to take to the store. Money also allows children to learn about budgets and prices when they go out to find their new item. This Pin can be found here: origami money flowers. You just need some bills, green pipe cleaner, and a ribbon. How cute would this be waiting on the breakfast table on Valentine's morning?

A Pink Plate
source: BHG.com

How about an all-pink breakfast or after school snack for a fun Valentine surprise? The above photo is from Better Homes & Gardens, see it here. They feature strawberry milk, a jelly sandwich cut into a heart, cherries, and some small gifts on the side.

Hidden Love Notes
Source: SayPlease.com
The original lunchbox love notes from SayPlease.com are simply designed in bright colors, perfect for the kids. We had some of these in the past and Amelia was thrilled to discover a love note scavenger hunt one special morning. I made clues that lead to the first note and another clue, then another, then another. At the end of the hunt was a special surprise (treat, dollar bill, play jewels, etc.) This would be a fun Valentine's Day activity! (There are also several printable lunchbox notes to be found online.)

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with sweet thoughts, hugs, and kisses! Don't forget to ensure that your children know how loved they are as well. And have fun with it!
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