Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A snow day - with actual snow!

This time, our "snow day" actually had snow! School was delayed two hours, with the announcement coming mere minutes before everyone left for school or got onto buses (apparently some children were already ON buses - epic fail, county. Try better next time). An hour or so later, school was cancelled for the entire day.

This is why: it actually snowed!

The snow fell fast in our suburban area and roads became white quickly. They were still technically driveable, but Atlanta drivers are fast and quite careless. It was a good call to keep us off the roads with children.

So what do you do when school is delayed/cancelled and everyone is already up and ready for the day? You go outside and play at 8:15am! We never know when we will see snow in our own yard, so we make the best of whatever we have.

I hate to break it to the local moms who need a break from their children, but we have a "big" snow supposedly coming tomorrow afternoon. Our winter is not over yet!
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