Friday, February 17, 2012

Blogging doesn't come with rules

How often should I post?

Should I use my kids' real names? 

I got an press release. What am I "supposed" to say?

So many questions constantly flying around the blogosphere, often reeking of desperation, of a fear of doing it "wrong".

Blogging is probably the most varied and individual form of writing in existence today. Blogging is personal, sometimes entrepreneurial, sometimes leisure. Anyone with a minuscule bit of computer know-how and a decent handle on plain old conversational language can blog. A grasp of grammar and spelling (or at least spellcheck) is probably preferred, but even that isn't a requirement. If you can click and type, you can create your own piece of this infinite world of words.

My blog is MINE. Your blog is yours. That guy over there? His blog is his. We can write humor, poetry, journal accounts of our day, travel info, style favorites... the list is never-ending. What I love most about blogging? There are no rules. 

Post when you want to post. Write what you feel passionate about, write what strikes your fancy. Share photos that evoke emotions in yourself, and they will probably do the same for someone else. 

I truly believe that if you support your blog with real, honest emotion and passion, you will succeed. Will you make a ton of cold, hard cash? Probably not. How many high school athletes go pro? Same concept with blogging. However, if you enjoy it and find your own little corner of the digital world to nourish and love? You will be a success, even if your only compensation is community and joy.

If your first thought about blogging was, "I'm going to start a blog to make money!" then you may want to come up with a plan B. If money is the only goal, and you have only a superficial interest in what you write, it will show. Your words will be forced. Your persona will come across as fake. 

People trust and follow those who are real. I can tell immediately who has a true passion for the money-saving lifestyle, who has a genuine sense of humor, who loves to let feelings fly free through creativity. I can spot those who are writing timidly, afraid of "doing it wrong."

If you blog? Own it. The rest of us will be able to feel along with you, and your product will have its best shot at growth and success, whatever your definition of success may be. Just as there are thousands of blogs, there can be thousands of success measures.

You don't have to ask other bloggers what you "should" do. Just do what you KNOW to do. No one knows your space like you. Really.

"If you build it... they will come" --Field of Dreams
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