Saturday, February 4, 2012

Take an extra step

I have posted about self-improvement in the past. Last week, I mentioned my desire to be a better mama by stepping it up a notch. This week? I will try to make the world a little bit nicer. By taking one extra step whenever I can.

We all lead busy lives. We want the best for our families and for ourselves, and we're rushing and pushing to achieve our goals. Hours, days, and weeks fly by as we speed through life's experiences.

But what if we slowed down? Only for a brief second at a time? What if we took our extra seconds and went just a teeny bit farther - for someone else?

If there are three squares of toilet paper on the roll.... just go ahead and change it. The next person will appreciate it.

If a driver needs to switch lanes... tap the brakes and allow them over. You won't be any later and you'll avoid a potential road rage battle.

If someone has two items in a crowded grocery store with no express lanes open... let them step in front of your loaded-down cart. It won't take more than a minute or two.

If there are dishes in the sink... just go ahead and get them in the dishwasher. Your house will look nicer and everyone will be happy. Okay, maybe not all the time, but it will require much less effort vs. tackling a pile nearly ceiling-high. I've tested this.

I am sure there are a million different ways to take one extra step a few times each day. I have to wonder, what would our world be like if everyone did just that?

Little gestures can certainly make a big difference.

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