Monday, February 27, 2012

Sick day

My posts haven't been very creative or awe-inspiring lately, I know. Our house has been battling one virus after another! The cutest one started it all, thanks probably due to preschool or something she contracted in the crowd at the circus. She had a cold, which became a mild ear infection, then turned into a pair of lovely pink eyes.

Steve was hit next with body aches and congestion. His graduated into a middle ear infection as well. It seems the "bugs" in this house are always aspiring to be more!

Naively, I thought it missed me. I believed that somehow, despite wiping snot and cleaning eye goop for days, I was free.

Then came the brick wall. Or what felt like it, anyway. I collided right smack into it. Hit, seemingly instantaneously, by body aches and chills. I could barely even move! So, we've had many early to bed nights (and just as many up-a-gazillion-times-and-coughing nights).

I'm hoping to feel some writing inspiration again soon.

After I disinfect the entire house.
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