Sunday, February 12, 2012

A shot at forever

You would think we made our little girl's biggest dream come true. She is dancing around our house, flying high on happiness. She is grinning from ear to ear.

Did we go to Disney World again? Did we meet a princess? Did we buy a castle playhouse?

Nope, we went to a cheap pizza buffet.

But, we went with Amelia's beloved friend. This was our first outside-of-preschool event together. The girls greeted each other at the door with grins and hugs. They compared slices of pizza between bites and silly grins at one another. They plunked tokens into the games and followed each other around.

It was too difficult to make them part, so we walked next door for frozen yogurt. They both selected chocolate, they both chewed and chewed on slightly frozen gummy worms. They sat hip-to-hip and clearly enjoyed every moment.

These girls were a joy to watch. I had a preschool best friend; she is still one of my very best friends today. Steve's best friend lives down the road from us, and even they met in their preschool years.

I wondered, as I observed these giggly little ladies, what would become of this friendship? Maybe it'll fizzle, maybe someone will move away... but I have to let them give it a shot at forever.

Because forever friends are a rare and precious gift.
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