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About BalancingMama:

I'm Julie. A wife, mom of two, social media addict, advertising professional, and a Vols fan married to a Gator but living in Bulldog country.  

I was born in a small city in east Tennessee. Stayed in the state for 21-1/2 years before taking the leap towards the "big city" of Atlanta.

My first job threw me right into the metropolitain life in the heart of downtown Atlanta. I learned how to walk the city walk (always like you know where you are going!) and how to drive the major metro area without getting hopelessly lost.  Atlanta has a lot to offer people of any age. We have pro sports, cultural events and shows, shopping, restaurants, and many, many parks, playgrounds, and children's activities.
Our 9-pound baby Amelia was born in April 2008. Without a doubt, she changed our worlds for the better. Several years later in late January 2014, Andrew joined our cuddly clan.  100% boy. Wow, he keeps everyone on their toes! He adores his big sister and she totally watches over him. I am bobbing and weaving through life these days as I work to balance his needs, Amelia's schedule, consulting from home, and my own sanity.

BalancingMama is a place for parents, grandparents, and family travelers.

I often feature Atlanta family events and attractions as well as the best highlights of our own adventures on vacations. We never let having children stop our treks to locales near and far; they go with us and learn about cultures, history, and nature too.  Every now and then I will share a recipe that helped me through another dinner with a finicky eater. Or I might share a parenting perspective or a preschool/elementary school science idea or craft.  You will find a little bit of everything here. Hopefully, some inspiring ideas or supportive words will find their way to you!

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