Thursday, April 28, 2016

Childhood classic "The BFG" coming to theaters

“The matter with human beans," the BFG went on, "is that they is absolutely refusing to believe in anything unless they is actually seeing it right in front of their own schnozzles.”
― Roald Dahl, The BFG

The BFG is a beloved Ronald Dahl children's book about a big friendly giant and his new friend Sophie. It is a book with character, adorable dialogue, and some memorable quotes. I am excited to say... the Steven Spielberg-directed film The BFG is coming to theaters on July 1st! 

This trailer was just released a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Disney's The Jungle Book - now in theaters everywhere!

In celebration of THE JUNGLE BOOK film opening, Disney sent out an amazing video highlighting the voices in the film including Bill Murray (“Baloo”), Sir Ben Kingsley (“Bagheera”), Lupita Nyong’o (“Raksha”), Scarlett Johansson (“Kaa”), Idris Elba (“Shere Khan”), Christopher Walken (“King Louie”), Giancarlo Esposito (“Akela”) and Neel Sethi who plays Mowgli, the only live action character in the film.

This is a star-studded cast and I cannot wait to see the film!  Is it a film for the little ones? Well, I was not able to attend the screening so I do not know, but my friend Lindsey over at Redhead Baby Mama has this to say...

"There are A LOT of “gotcha” moments when animals seem to jump at the audience, tigers attack and monkeys reach.  You may want to take the movie in on date night and screen it for your young kids to see if they will like it."   

Check out the video below, then click through to read the rest of Redhead Baby Mama's  review here: The Live-Action Jungle Book is Here!


Have you seen the film?! Let me know what you think! 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring break in the "top-shelf" 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum! #Ford #Auto

According to professional reviewers at AutoWeek,  
"Ford dumps everything it can find into [this] top-shelf Explorer." 
 This rookie auto reviewer, mom, and blogger definitely agrees. The vehicle is loaded!

Our spring break plans included a short 3-night road trip to a theme park and indoor water park resort. We were thrilled to be able to use a gorgeous, totally maxed-out 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum for our adventure. When your current vehicle is about to reach it's 11-year birthday with a dent on one side, kid crumbs galore, and pretty basic interior gadgets, any brand-new vehicle is exciting and full of special electronic perks. I am fascinated by push-button start, heated seats, massage seats, full-size third row seating with powered up/down/stow, Sirius radio, and a buttery soft leather interior. This new Ford Explorer has all of those luxury features and more.
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