Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pregnancy is just weird.

Thirty-two and a half weeks along now. I started out the model pregnant patient, marveling at how I did not need to call the OB's office for months, when I could remember calling about every little lump and bump and tweak the last time around. This time, I did not have ten weeks of excruciating headaches. I had only brief nausea, which quickly went away once I began taking the prescription prenatal vitamin at night. I was not worried, not stressed. I was just going to cruise through this pregnancy like an old pro.

Enter third trimester. I have now talked to multiple nurses and had two "work-in" appointments at the OB's office. I seem to chat with someone over there at least twice per week! First it was illness, then a chronic and very gunky cough, then mystery pains and more pains.

Now? I have shingles!
I ignored a mystery rash from four days ago, and just discovered that it is, in fact, shingles. I am lucky enough not to have the bad pain from it, but I do itch like crazy. And it is spreading. Seven to eight more weeks of pregnancy... I am going to be best buddies with these nurses before it is over! I just cannot stop calling them. They probably have my cell phone number memorized.

Pregnancy is just weird.

Dental Distress. Did you know that your gums can swell when pregnant? 

Nasal issues. Did you know that you can be congested for months on end when pregnant? With frequent bloody noses?

Growing Feet. Did you know that your feet can get bigger - and never shrink again?

And apparently, along with a multitude of skin issues such as acne, PUPPS rash, eczema, and more, you could possibly get shingles! Shingles is uncommon during pregnancy, but it can appear in anyone, at any age, who has had chicken pox as a child. It often appears when the immune system is suppressed. I think being the model patient has caught up with me. I never took the time to calm down and take care of myself. Kindergarten craziness, travels, work, and holiday pressures have me very worn down.

It is time I learned to say no to the world crushing down on me. If I don't take care of myself, who will?

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