Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12, 13, and 14 to come

Happy belated holidays once again. I have a few hours remaining to post some final thoughts for 2013. Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and happy 2014!

- - -

Take a step back to 2012. One of our hardest years ever. It was the year of Amelia's eyes. Strabismus eye surgery number one. Then heartbreak. A repeat eye muscle surgery. Hope. Then defeat once again. And a final eye surgery to round out the year. I know other things happened that year, but my mind is filled with the ups and down of our eye journey.

2013 began a bit rocky, as we put Amelia under anesthesia yet again for an MRI. It came back clear, and we began the process of figuring out glasses. Over time, we saw more and more success. It was not going to be another "year of the eyes"! Finally, we were able to step away from that roller coaster ride. So instead, we went through the dips and curves of buying a new home and selling ours! We moved into a new school district, about 4 miles from our other home. We worked ourselves nearly crazy with all the cleaning, showing, packing, and moving. And during this? I discovered I was going to have our second child! Big news and a happier year. (Although moving during first trimester? Not recommended! Whew, that was a challenge.)

Amelia also began kindergarten this year! She has truly matured into a "big kid", becoming more outgoing and excelling at school. She is reading books! Teaching me about science! Making us proud day after day. AND, her eyes have stabilized very well. Glasses fix her now minor crossing, and we could not be more pleased. 2013 was definitely the year of change. Good change all around.

Onward, friends! Onward to 2014. I enter it as a barely balancing mom of one, and in a few short weeks will take a step down a path as mom of two. Not only as a girl mom, but as a boy mom too. I am afraid of the struggle, reluctant for the change, but optimistic. It is going to show me a whole new world. And I get to learn just how big a heart can grow with another love in our home.

Happy New Year!

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