Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Make your tree special with captured travel memories

My husband and I share a love of travel. Our first trip together was Las Vegas. We have been across the U.S., into Canada, and even in Europe together, sometimes pre-kid and sometimes with Amelia in tow. Having a child never stopped us from enjoying our adventures and vacations together! There is something special about being away from home. Imagine... family togetherness in a hotel room and having no chores to do! Perks like this are worth the effort it takes to plan and pack for a trip.

Each year just after Thanksgiving, our Christmas decorations come out. Each year, we put up the Christmas tree and begin to carefully unwrap our collection of ornaments. Each year, we reminisce about where we have been and what we have seen, because we always brought home a Christmas ornament from our adventures.

Christmas ornaments are a fantastic way to capture memories! Because they are not out all year long, the ornaments provide that special "ooh, I remember" feeling each and every year.

Happy holidays to all! And may your 2014 be full of exciting places and experiences.

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