Thursday, May 19, 2016

Keep reading fun over the summer!

To help keep children reading over those hot summer months, Scholastic launched the Summer Reading Challenge nearly ten years ago to provide a fun way for parents to keep reading exciting for kids over the summer. Children can log reading minutes online or on their mobile devices over the summer and their reading minutes count toward their school total. Thousands of schools participate each year for a chance to break the World Record of Reading. It is an entertaining and interactive challenge for those summer months!

On the website, the Scholastic Parent section also includes a Daily Digest with book lists, reading tips for kids, book reviews, and more. 

Our household loves to read and we are fans of the Scholastic organization. If you are struggling for ideas over the summer, click on over to the treasure-trove of suggestions, tips, and fun. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

I did laundry and dishes on Mother's Day

Today is my 38th birthday. I am finishing up some of the kids' laundry, doing a bit of work... but later today, I will enjoy an upscale lunch with my dear husband and no kids! So my birthday will have a special highlight today. I will eat chef-prepared food and I won't have to tell anyone to sit down 19 times. I won't have to take anyone to the potty!

Yesterday was Mother's Day. In the Atlanta area, it was sunny and warm and a perfect example of springtime. My family stayed mostly at home. I did some laundry, I unloaded the dishwasher. Was I upset about that? No, I chose it. The best thing about my Mother's Day was that I did not have to do any of that. In fact, my husband reprimanded me a few times for refusing to sit my booty down and do nothing. I had my fair share of sitting and relaxing. I watched a movie with my daughter, played mindless games on my cell phone, and enjoyed a completely stress-free Mother's Day. I completed a few chores because I felt like it, not because I felt the to-do list looming over me. Sometimes I forget that I have a choice. The days are busy and hectic and I try to do it all for everyone. It was nice to be reminded on Mother's Day that I should simply stop once in a while. 

Moms, how was your Mother's Day? Did you relax? Play? Spend the day away from the kids altogether? There are no right or wrong answers here; your day is what you make of it.

I was loved, and I loved it.  

Happy Mother's Day (a day late)!

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