Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Have you ever used a baby teething necklace?

This is a sponsored guest post (ad) from a parent writer and loyal fan of Baltic amber. I have not tested the product myself, but it sounds interesting.

When I made the jump from one kid to two, I was anxiety ridden. I knew that at the end of it all, though, I would survive. After all, I had two hands and a husband. We could take this on and be okay. When I found out that I was pregnant with our third just seven months after having our youngest, I was not sure that we would survive. In fact, I laughed at the thought that I was anxiety ridden before. That was an understatement to what I was feeling about three.

My husband played it cool but I could tell with each passing day, his fear of what of going from two to three also increased. As with anything in our lives, when change is on the horizon it is best to prepare yourself for all possibilities. However, I was not prepared for my seven month old to start teething during the throws of my first trimester morning sickness. 

I called my mother one night from the floor of our bathroom. I was hysterically crying about how I did not think I could do it. I was tired and overwhelmed. My baby had become a monster and my toddler was a sassy know-it-all. My husband's work schedule was changing due to his recent promotion and I felt alone. I had no idea how I would make it work when my children outnumbered my hands and the adults in the house. 

My mother told me she did not have all the answers. However, she knew how to help my teething toddler and my own migraines. She said it could even help with my anxiety. She recommended Baltic amber. At first I laughed it off - they are only for teething babies! I did not see how it would be the answer to so many other problems. 

While doing some research, I found plenty of people who were using Baltic amber for a multitude of problems. Succinic acid is the chemical compound in amber, and it is responsible for decreasing pain caused by increased inflammation. Whether that be in your gums from teething, in your eyes from a headache, in your back from joint and muscle inflammation, or even pregnancy aches and pains... 

Succinic acid reacts in the body the same way that taking a dose of OTC Ibuprofen would. Some scientists have linked succinic acid to boosting immunity and moods as well. When worn, your body heats the amber, allowing for the succinic rich oils to seep through its porous surface, transferring healing effects.

I bought a necklace for myself, my toddler and my teething baby from I put them on each of us. In a matter of 48 hours, my cranky, no-sleeping baby had almost completely reverted back to her old self.  She has started taking her daily naps and has gone back to sleeping through most of the night. My toddler's growing pains and headaches appeared to be gone after the third day and my anxiety during pregnancy was also greatly reduced. 

I ordered a necklace for my husband and my new baby as well. Baltic amber has changed the way we live our lives! If you are wondering what Baltic amber can do for you and your family, order a necklace and try it out today.
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