Thursday, January 2, 2014

From "slow" to "adapt": A theme word as we begin another year

At the start of 2013, my word for the year was "slow". I wanted to allow myself to sloooow down. I felt rushed through life and parenthood because there was always something to be done.

I am not certain I slowed very much this past year. A new home, new pregnancy, new school schedule, travel, and work consumed most of my waking (and sometimes dreaming) hours. Often, slow was just not feasible. If we didn't want to be late or drop the ball for someone else, that is. Always something to do for someone else.

Kindergarten was a change.
The new home was a change.
2014 will rock our household even more - a' la baby boy.

We have been a family of three for 5 years and 9 months. Twice as many adults as kid. Twice as many girls as boy. But in three or so weeks, everything will be tied up. Two adults, two kids. Two girls, two boys. (Eventually, three will be tall and I will likely be the lone shortie, sigh.)

For 2014, the word is ADAPT.

I barely remember the infant stage, or the baby stage, or even the young toddler stage. I will adapt as a mom of two. Amelia will learn to adapt as a big sister. I will be cautious along my path when it comes to work; I will adapt to the schedule that works best for my sanity and our family, whatever that may be. I will adapt when the morning routine becomes even more hectic, as I add baby to the wake up, breakfast, lunch and snack packing to-dos.

Hopefully, I won't forget to put him in the car.

Hopefully, I will not lose my mind.

Hopefully, I will do right by my big girl and know when she needs that extra Mommy time.

Hopefully, I will learn to call a babysitter when my needs are building.

Hopefully, I will adapt. With an understanding that it is okay to adapt slowly. Our family was not built in a day!

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