Tuesday, January 7, 2014

#WW in Tennessee: Davy Crockett birthplace (and a nice little park!)

We had one beautiful not-too-cold sunny day in Tennessee just after Christmas. After spending several days indoors enjoying family time, it was time to get out and explore a bit. I lived in East Tennessee for my entire life until college, and did not know that Davy Crockett's birthplace was a short drive away near Jonesboro, Tennessee (TN's oldest town).

There is not much to Davy Crockett's actual home, it is very small and primitive (obviously). But it is interesting to peek inside the house, fenced garden, and chicken coop.

When I asked Amelia what she would think about living in a house like this, she replied: "It would be gross and stinky!" I guess we need to work on understanding how blessed we are today.

The park around the home is quite lovely! A river runs along a big stretch of grass with a large picnic shelter, charcoal grills, and plenty of sticks and rocks to splash into the water. It was a nice quick trip outdoors, and we were so thankful to see the sun! (It has since gone away again.)

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