Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More then and now: having a baby 5 1/2 years later


On Saturday, January 25th, 2014, I will be miserable for many hours. But I will become a mom - again. Induction day! We will meet baby Andrew and see his face. Will he have blue eyes like Amelia? Will he meet her 9-pound birth weight, exceed it, or (hopefully!) weigh in a bit less? We are ready to find out. Wish me luck!

Having a new baby almost six years later brings to light many differences. Pregnancy was different and my preparation was quite different. Now that the birth day is nearly upon us, I am fascinated by the communication differences we have now.

Then was April 2008...

Then, I had to compile an email list for my husband so he could send out the announcement email shortly after birth. It included only the closest and most important people.

Then, we needed a laptop computer in the room to send the family updates and the final "big news" email.

Then, loved ones who were not present could only see baby Amelia in emailed photos or short video clips that were small enough to send.

Now it is 2014...

Facebook exists. It did exist in 2008, but I was very new to it and most family members and coworkers were not connected yet. It could not serve as a mass announcement vehicle to most anyone who has ever known, worked with, went to school with, or blogged with me. Now it can.

Now, immediate family and very best friends will receive text messages as things progress and when the big moment arrives.

Now, we do not need our laptops. We can keep the world informed and fight hospital boredom with iPads and smart phones.

Now, I can Instagram his first photos and squeaks. Which will, of course, auto-publish to Facebook and Twitter. (Follow me on those via the icons to the left! Also BalancingMama on Instagram.)

Now, we can Skype or FaceTime with those far away. They can see us and the baby in real time. And I can even tell Amelia goodnight semi-in-person.

Stay tuned!
THREE days to go.
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