Thursday, January 9, 2014

Favorite Childhood Toy

Mama Kat threw out another great writing prompt this week: "A childhood toy you once loved." I was pulled back to a post I wrote 2 1/2 years ago, also via a Mama Kat prompt. Since it has been a while, I am resurrecting that post here.

I so love this guy.

- - - -
March 11, 2011
He wasn't what you would call handsome. His head was too big, a bit too round. His ears were large. He had an odd fashion sense, always seen sporting red and blue overalls (minus the straps) straight from a country farm. And he was perpetually dirty.

I was just a little kid from Tennessee. I did not care about his clothes. I overlooked his bulky head and his desperate need for a bubble bath.

I loved him.

I loved him because he was the strong silent type. Always ready to listen and never one to talk back. If I needed a hug, he was there. If I wanted to play pretend, he was there. He was an ever-present friend in my childhood years.
I was in love with... a monkey.

His name, one you might guess from a 2-year old mind, was Monk.

Monk was my trusted and true friend. He traveled everywhere I did and racked up a ton of miles on those fuzzy little legs.

Monk is the one childhood item I could not bear to leave. Yes, he has been tied up in a white plastic bag on a top shelf in the closet, but he is still here. He survived the transition into my grown-up home.

We had a long-awaited reunion last night.

World, meet Monk. He's still funny-looking. He's still dirty.

And he is awesome.

He now lives in my daughter's animal collection! She isn't as enamored with him as I was, but he is thrilled to be with loved ones once again.

Another post inspired by Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop!


  1. That's awesome. I keep my version in my sock drawer, can't bear to have it with my kids stuff yet!

  2. Aw how sweet! I'm glad you held on to him and that he has a chance to be loved again.

  3. Aww... He's adorable! I'm glad to hear that you held on to him after all of these years.

  4. Lovely! My husband has bequeathed his little stuffed seal to our son, and he's not amazingly enamored of it, either. That's OK though. It's still fun to see it and take the memory lane walk. :-)

  5. Aw! I still have my childhood fav toy :) well two, because they were brothers. Always referred to as my "puffalumps" one really fat and one really skinny, and I had them since I was a baby, then they sat on my bed or room, until I grew up and put them away. But I just can't get rid of them! My loving puffalumps :)


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