Monday, January 20, 2014

Almost mama to two, nearly six years later #pregnancy

Sometimes I am asked, "so, is it different this time around?"

Um... yep.
Spring 2008

My first pregnancy was okay. I can't say I was ever one of those women who loves being pregnant. It was enjoyable to see the extra smiles from complete strangers, but I was basically ready for it to be over nearly as soon as it began. I did, however, have more time to rest and really think about what was to come. And it was a long time ago - almost six years.

With the first pregnancy, I came home from work and took a nap. I had a baby blog to update family and close friends on every little development. Then, we knew her name right away. I had a baby book in the works, with cute scrapbook decorations and photos of the journey and my growing belly. I had a baby shower and was so excited to receive everything.

at 36 1/2 weeks
This time, I do not get much rest or "me" time. I am tied to a busy kindergarten schedule which means early mornings, lunch packing, homework, and carpool lines in addition to my part-time advertising job. This time, we moved to a new house so I spent the first half of pregnancy either packing, living out of boxes, or finally getting stuff put away. This time, I have no baby blog (although to be fair, I do have this one). I stuck a couple ultrasound photos in a book with stickers, but I am way behind on anything resembling a baby scrapbook. I will not visit an actual scrapbooking store; stickers will have to suffice. We finally figured out his name about a week ago. I do not need much baby gear, only a few new items in blue. And when I look at it all, I only see work to be done. Cleaning from 5 years in storage, assembly, etc. Oh - and I am older and so much more sore! My body just isn't 29 years old anymore.

I will be thrilled to meet baby Andrew very soon, but this has certainly been different! I have a feeling the different is only just beginning.

My little love :) 

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