Monday, January 6, 2014

Mickey Mouse inspired baby nursery #Disney

Our new family member arrives in less than 26 days! We are still scrambling to get things in order, but the necessities are done. Clothes and bedding are washed and the larger items have been pulled out of the basement, cleaned, and set up. He will be able to nap and have clothes, at least!

The baby's Mickey Mouse inspired bedroom is not completely polished yet, but I am anxious to share - so here it is! The Mickey room began with these crib sheets:

I fell in love with the colors and fun pattern. And, clearly, we are a family of Disney fans (see past posts Mama's Bag for Disney World and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party). These Mickey Mouse head sheets - as well as a full crib bedding set - are available at Babies-R-Us. We also purchased the fuzzy blue Mickey Mouse blanket; it is luxuriously soft and warm and will make for great daytime snuggles!

To save some money, I knew I could make some simple Mickey Mouse head wall art:

We already had white frames from Amelia's room (before we turned it into a big-girl Cinderella bedroom). I found chevron patterns via a basic Google search and used PowerPoint to create 8x10 and 5x7 images (hint: group all the elements then right-click to save as a .jpeg image). For the 5x7s, I placed a Disney-inspired word (Dream, Laugh, Magic...) on a colorful chevron background. Mickey Mouse heads can be made with simple circles, and even placed in the frame in varied sizes, such as ears only - as seen above in the orange art. We wanted these printed on glossy paper without having to use all of our expensive printer ink - so we uploaded the images to the Target Photo Center and picked them up an hour later. We are so pleased with how the Mickey Mouse head art turned out! We have 6-7 perfectly coordinating Disney-inspired wall art pieces and spent only $26.

We also used our existing white shelves and small 4x6 frame to continue the theme. We are hoping to find some great Mickey Mouse figurines, but this cutie bear will do for now!

Finally, we wanted a big wall element above the crib. Searching online again, we found the idea for a horizontal stripe with a Mickey Mouse head and name in Disney font. we decided to go with a gray and white stripe - use painter's tape and a level to tape off the stripes before painting. I found an Etsy shop that could do a large Mickey head (22" high) and separate name (about 10" high). Here is the wall BEFORE:

And here is the wall AFTER!

The Mickey Mouse head was the perfect size, but the name ended up larger than we expected. So instead of cramming it all on the feature striped wall, we simply centered the Mickey Mouse head.

Not wanting to waste any cuteness, we used the baby's name in Disney font to highlight his toy area:

Drum roll.... there it is.... his name! We are working on a middle name, but since we have ordered the decal, Andrew it is. We will meet him soon.

 If you like these ideas, you can hover over any photo and click the Pinterest logo to pin!
Also see Amelia's Cinderella girl's bedroom. We love Disney! 

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