Thursday, May 16, 2013

The key in my hand...

Cool to the touch.
Hidden within my palm.
Small and shiny.
This key unlocks the next chapter in our lives.We closed on our new house this week! It is our forever home. Amelia will have sleepovers here. We will take prom photos on this front porch. Here, my baby girl will primp in her cap and gown with nervous excitement before graduation. This home may hold another pet, another child. This home will see us grow even more. It will be our haven, our safe place.

We face a tremendous amount of packing and moving ahead, but I look forward to getting settled again. In a few weeks or months, I will finally sink into the cushion of the couch and take a real moment to look. A quiet reflection to say hello to our new home, and all the next steps it will quietly observe.

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