Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer summer summertime

We just returned from our annual jaunt to Hilton Head Island! I remember summer beach vacations as a kid. We went every year and enjoyed sand, surf, and seafood. Now we go with Amelia and husbands, and next year we will have my new nephew with us too! There is something about an annual trip that just feels good. We don't have to rush and see a bunch of sights, because we know the place already. We relax and play and eat. I call it perfection.

This is also the first year where Amelia is not in summer school. Today she is sleeping in late, and we will enjoy some lazy time together. It is difficult to juggle work, moving, and Amelia at home, but I really want to cherish this time with her. She begins kindergarten soon, and our "home with Mommy" days will come to an end.

I need to grasp all the extra snuggles and hold on tight for a few more weeks!
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