Thursday, May 9, 2013

"I love Mommy and Daddy" overkill?

Amelia is an extremely sensitive and loving child. She loves to snuggle and give surprise kisses. She has a sweet heart and a creative mind, always making up stories, coloring, or singing. Sometimes all at the same time!

Nearly every picture Amelia draws is finished off with a big " I LOVE MOMMY I LOVE DADDY" across the top of the page. She creates masterpieces and presents them to us like magical treasures.

Cute, right?

Except... I am seeing a lot of "I LOVE MOMMY I LOVE DADDY" on her school paperwork. It seems she finishes her work quickly and passes the time illustrating every blank spot on the page. One paper was returned with a note from the teacher, "make sure I can see your work!". She decorated so much, it was hard for the teacher to find what she was actually supposed to have drawn. 

Another paper came back, "pay attention and don't lose focus". She completed half of the teacher's verbal instructions, then proceeded to enter her own imaginary world, drawing rainbows, people, hearts. And you guessed it... I LOVE MOMMY I LOVE DADDY". Right there, front and center on the page.

My sentimental mom half cherishes these sweet papers that show how much she loves me. My logical, about-to-send-this-kid-to-kindergarten half is getting pretty aggravated! I think we need a little chat about the proper time and place for adorable expressions of undying love.
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