Thursday, March 8, 2012

Here we go again

Surgery number two for our precious little girl is on the calendar.

It is sooner than we expected.

We hoped for a worry-free vacation and birthday celebration before having to deal with this again, but the doctor trumped our plans.

"No, it needs to be done quickly."

So here we go again. I tell myself that we're ready. I tell myself that it will be okay. I suck it up and show my strong, brave face to the world.

80% success rate this time. Same success rate as last time - and see how well that worked out? Humph. But 80% is good....

My child is healthy. My child is happy. We are blessed with a lovely home and loving family. We have fantastic neighbors and friends. We have nothing to feel down about. We are so lucky.


I figure if I keep telling myself that, it will help.

March 29th - here we go again.
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