Sunday, March 11, 2012

When moms lift you up

We all love moms. When feeling sick, even beyond age 30, I know many of us wish for our mother's soothing care and loving sympathy. As moms ourselves, we gravitate towards other parents, relishing the new bond we have with very special friends.

I am lucky enough to be part of an amazing group, the Georgia Social Media Moms. We provide a forum for one another. We ask about blog mechanics and marketing ideas, we join together for local events, we visit each other's blogs and Facebook pages. When times get tough for one of our own? We band together in boisterous support.

One of our members recently had a frightening emergency early birth for her daughter. At 32 weeks. Precious baby girl has a heart condition and is now a 4-pound sweetheart getting the medical attention she needs. Our group stayed glued to our forum, anticipating each update and asking how to help. A meal train plan was formed. We organized donations. We sent words of love and encouragement. It was an inspiring example of how strong a group of moms can be.

If you need help or extra support one day? Find a mom. Better yet, find fifty moms.

It's a power like none other!
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