Monday, March 12, 2012

And, exhale.

I did not realize it until this afternoon, but I believe I've been holding my breath for months. From the moment we scheduled the first eye surgery. Through the surgery. While we stressed and worried about the not-so-ideal results we were seeing. And as we scheduled surgery number two.

Today, we saw a second physician. We gave him no information, just that she had one surgery in January. Three people at the office tested her. She peered through prisms, lenses, and circles. She read letters, named items, and described a clown hanging on the opposite wall.

The doctor was kind and open. He acted as if he had all day to spend just with us.

And then...
He gave us an identical surgery plan as our first doctor!

I could not be more relieved. We are on the right track. We made no bad decisions. We know what to do next. March 29th - we are ready.

Deep breaths.... ahhh. Those feel pretty good.
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