Friday, March 16, 2012

A little boy with a lot of words

My friend and fellow GA Social Media Mom faces the same challenges that I do as a working mom. She is a professional on a tight schedule, raising a small child. She has a son turning two next week, and she sent me some of his amazing recent expressions. He is so young, but quite a little speaker!

I think it daily: kids are funny.

5 Most Amazing Things My Son Says

(by Joyce Brewer)

My son turns 2 this week and he’s already quite a chatterbox. When people in the grocery store or mall hear A.J. speak they ask if he’s 3 years old and are surprised by my answer.

I knew girls were supposed to be talkative, but I never imagined that a boy would say so much so soon. I credit that we have never spoken “baby talk” to him. From the moment he was born we’ve only spoken to him in complete sentences. It probably doesn’t hurt that he has two parents with backgrounds’ in TV news so we communicate for a living.

So get ready to giggle at the “5 Most Amazing Things My Son Says”:

1. “I love you Joyce.” I made the mistake of telling A.J. that my real name is Joyce, not Mommy. Little did I know how quickly this would sink into his toddler brain. Since then he finds it quite funny to tell me he much he loves and misses me using my real name.

2. “Daddy, where are you?” While we were out at night enjoying last year’s Christmas lights in our neighborhood, A.J. lost track of my husband in the dark. A.J. was 21 months old.

3. "TMZ” and “E News.” Call me a bad Mom if you want, but I need to get my celebrity news in every night and A.J. has already watched his share of these two shows.

4. “Bye Kroger” or “Bye Target.” He started saying this on his own as we left each store during our weekly shopping trips.

5. “Thank you Lord for this day and for my many blessings. Amen.” This is the bedtime prayer than I’ve said to A.J. every night. Last month, he cut me off mid-prayer and finished saying the prayer himself. I’m taking this as a sign that he’s advanced enough to learn “The Lord’s Prayer” and “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.”

About the author:
Joyce Brewer is an Emmy award-winning TV journalist who created Mommy Talk Show, an online parenting talk show. Joyce decided to become a work at home wife/ mom after the birth of her son. In 2011, she wrote an e-book, Use What You Know: A Business Idea Guide for Moms featuring insightful interviews with Joyce and five other Atlanta moms who turned their skills and expertise into a business.
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