Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring break in the "top-shelf" 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum! #Ford #Auto

According to professional reviewers at AutoWeek,  
"Ford dumps everything it can find into [this] top-shelf Explorer." 
 This rookie auto reviewer, mom, and blogger definitely agrees. The vehicle is loaded!

Our spring break plans included a short 3-night road trip to a theme park and indoor water park resort. We were thrilled to be able to use a gorgeous, totally maxed-out 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum for our adventure. When your current vehicle is about to reach it's 11-year birthday with a dent on one side, kid crumbs galore, and pretty basic interior gadgets, any brand-new vehicle is exciting and full of special electronic perks. I am fascinated by push-button start, heated seats, massage seats, full-size third row seating with powered up/down/stow, Sirius radio, and a buttery soft leather interior. This new Ford Explorer has all of those luxury features and more.

"The Ford Explorer Platinum aims for customers who simply want everything in a simple, pre-packaged model," again according to the reviewers at AutoWeek. If families have the money (MSRP is around $50k for the Platinum) and they want an American brand with top-of-the-line everything and very few add-ons, then this vehicle is worth a very close look.

Of the vehicles I have investigated at dealerships and tested via reviews, the Ford models seem to have some of the best electronics and user-friendly gadgets. The interior is laid out in a very driver-accessible way with style and class. But beyond the fun gadgets and luxury perks, I have been very impressed with Ford's commitment to new and improved safety features.  Ford introduced inflatable rear seat belts in 2011, which deploy an airbag over the chest and torso of the rider, to control force to the chest and control head/neck motion in a crash.

The Ford Explorer Platinum combines the performance of the popular Explorer Sport with new levels of comfort inside, offering drivers the most well-appointed Ford SUV to date. We had a blast driving it! My daughter enjoyed testing both the traditional back seat and one of the full-size third-row seats during our road trip. It took just a touch of a button to pop up the third row, fold, or stow it. Even with the third row up, we had plenty of space for luggage, snacks, and drinks.

Thanks for the loaner and the luxury vehicle experience, Ford! We really enjoyed our test week with the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum. Check out our toddler's road trip dance party! He had a lot of fun in the Explorer too...


I was provided with a 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum for one week to test and review. All opinions stated above are 100% mine.

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