Sunday, February 26, 2012

A new family member?

For those of you waiting for a baby #2 announcement....
sorry to disappoint you.

Steve and I have briefly talked about adding another member of our family. Maybe for Amelia's birthday.

The furry kind, of course.

She misses kitty Claude. She still remembers him, mentions him. She oohs and ahhs over the kitties at PetSmart. She asks us when she can have a pet.

I think pets are wonderful. They are loyal and cute. They bring an extra joy into a household. I have wanted another cat for a while. Steve is starting to agree with me. Amelia needs a pet!

We have a fantastic organization nearby called Good Mews. They find "good homes for good kitties". Good Mews is a no-kill shelter for felines of all sizes, shapes, colors, ages, and temperaments. The adoption process requires paperwork and about two hours of your time, because they want to ensure a perfect match. They want their cats to leave the shelter and happily stay away forever.

I wonder what kind of cat we would end up with...

A sweet princess?


An older, wiser king?


Maybe a handsome midnight-black prince?


I have to admit, I am getting excited. If we go through with it, we'll not only have a new loving member of our family. We will also get to see the emotion on our little girl's face when we tell her about the most exciting birthday present ever.

So... should we do it?

- - - - -
These photos were borrowed, with all due respect & credit, from the Good Mews website. You can see details on these kitties and many more adoptable cuties on their website,
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