Friday, January 15, 2016

I forgot how annoying toddlers can be

My little guy is turning the big two in just a few days. He is bursting with new words every day and he is a non-stop ball of inquisitive, noisy energy. I feel like my daughter was a whole lot easier. I mean, she certainly had her awful moments, but I seem to recall that she would sit once in a while.

Maybe I just forgot how annoying toddlers can be. It has been many years since I had a toddler. This recent post on nails it. In 25 things I forgot about having a toddler, the writer hilariously reminds us of the shopping cart Houdini action, never-ending need for door locks, and amazingly destructive powers when it comes to anything the older child holds dear, among others.

She also reminds us that the toddler years fly by quickly. At almost age two, my guy is transitioning to a preschooler faster than I can keep up. He is yelling more and hitting more, but he has decided that chicken is not a method of torture and he will take a bite or three if he feels like it. Progress.

This week? He began an additional day of daycare. He walked into the room on his own today. He grinned at some kids and without tears, turned back to me and said, "bye, Mama!". Progress!

Um... what? That confident little boy walking away from me... when did that happen?


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