Monday, April 10, 2017

A royal birthday celebration at Medieval Times

My family received complimentary tickets and royalty upgrade for the purposes of this review. All opinions are 100% mine. 

Have you ever dined while watching an epic battle with fantastic horsemanship, shining armor, and sparks flying? Medieval Times dinner and show offers just that. 

My family visited the Medieval Times Atlanta castle (in Lawrenceville, GA) this past weekend. It happened to be our spring break and my daughter's 9th birthday. We had the royalty upgrade, which allowed us to skip the line at the entrance and gave us some perks for showtime. Each member of our party received a cheering banner, a knight's rally towel, a VIP lanyard, early entrance to our seats, and VIP seating. I think this upgrade is really worth it. If you are going to Medieval Times, make it even better with an upgrade package. I also added on a birthday scroll and announcement for our birthday girl. She was thrilled to hear her name called during the show and her personalized scroll made her an official guest of the kingdom! 

Kids and parents alike cheered and waved their banners non-stop throughout the show. We were assigned a knight's section and introduced to our allied knights. We, of course, had to cheer on our own knight with as much volume as we could muster. We cheered well for the allies and we booed the others. The kids thought booing was a blast! This dining and show experience is like being at a rowdy sporting event - we all loved it. If I wasn't yelling, I must have been chewing my food. Dinner was served quickly by attentive hosts. The menu includes roasted chicken, corn on the cob, garlic bread, tomato bisque, and a seasoned baked potato. Both of my kids - ages 9 and 3 - ate the food! The little guy kept asking for a fork, but he got over it. No utensils in this kingdom! The dessert offering varies night to night, but we were presented with a large slice of lemon pound cake during our visit. It was delicious! 

When the show ended, I purchased a couple small trinkets at the gift shop for the kids and a little something extra for my birthday girl. She felt like royalty from start to finish and we got to enjoy some quality family time together. 

If you have an upcoming celebration on your calendar or if you just want to make some awesome memories with the family, check out Medieval Times. In addition to Atlanta, Medieval Times castle locations can be found Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Baltimore, Dallas, and more.
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