Friday, July 21, 2017

Painted rocks: inexpensive summer fun

Thousands of families all over the country are getting into the painted rocks movement. Find a rock, hide a rock, paint a rock, leave a rock... it's a lot of fun! The painted rocks movement provides a perfect opportunity to step away from technology and have quality creative time with the kids. Your rocks can be found anywhere outdoors, so the only cost is that of paint and brushes.

Painted rocks: how to join the fun

Organized by state, county or town, painted rocks groups often launch on Facebook. These groups are made up of local members who join in the fun of this movement. Rocks often include words of wisdom or comfort. The joy of finding handmade art spreads happiness, so there really are no restrictions on what you create.

When it comes to hiding your artistic rocks, please do not leave them inside stores or other public buildings. Leave them outdoors without damaging lights, wires, or plants. Leave them where they are somewhat hidden, but still able to be spotted by passersby. When you find a painted rock, you can bring it home or re-hide it for others to find. If you bring one home, you need to paint another one and keep the movement going!

The Kindness Rocks Project is credited by most as the origin of the Painted Rocks Movement.

Check out what the Today Show had to say about the rock painting movement.

Painted rocks: our experience

I enjoyed the quiet peace of painting the rocks, as did my three-year-old and creative nine-year-old. Together we brainstormed places to hide the rocks, and we connected with others in a local painted rocks Facebook group. This is the perfect summer activity when you hear "Mom! I'm bored!" Hunting for free rock art is enjoyable too!

Here are a few more of our creations this week:

What are you waiting for? 
Search Facebook for "(your county or city) rocks" and join in the adventure!

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