Friday, August 18, 2017

Awesome preschool apps: Grandma and Grandpa

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Favorite preschooler apps

Have you discovered the Fairlady Media "Grandpa" and "Grandma" apps for your 3-6 year old yet? I stumbled upon these educational preschool games recently when my 3 1/2 year old had a case of "I'm bored" syndrome. I was trying to finish up a work project, so we downloaded a couple new apps on the family iPad. 

preschool apps

We started with Fishing With Grandpa (ages 3-6) and Grandma's Preschool (also for ages 3-6). My preschooler was "hooked" right away... fish pun intended. 

The Fairlady Media Grandma and Grandpa apps are loaded with educational mini games, puzzles, and short videos on each topic. There are no penalties for making a mistake in a game, which I always prefer for younger children. They simply try again until they get it right. This makes for a game the little ones can enjoy independently. And we all know that today's kids love videos. (Because let's face it, sometimes screen time is for Mom!) 

These are not free preschool apps. They usually cost $3 each, or you can purchase a bundle like the Fairlady Preschool Pack or the Fairlady Big Kids Pack. If you are okay with the cost, I would recommend a bundle buy. Trust me, once you have one or two of these preschool apps, you and your child will want to get the others. 

There are 13 total Grandma or Grandpa apps available via iTunes. A few of the apps are suitable for older ages, so your child can play and learn from Grandma and Grandpa for years to come. Grandpa In Space is for ages 5-8. Grandpa's Toy Shop is for ages 6-9. Grandma's Beach Fun is for ages 5-9. Alas, I do not believe these are available yet on Google Play for Android devices. 


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