Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Give me a D! Give me an R!

Give me a D-R-A-M-A! What's that spell?

DRAMA! Gooooo (away) drama!

Wouldn't life be more fun it is was simple?

D is for decision. It used to be fun deciding what Amelia would wear each day. No longer a simple task. This child fights everything! When I ask her to choose, she merely throws everything out of the drawer. Can I send her to school in PJs every day?

R is for reaction. How do I not react to all the insanity going on around me? Adults acting like children. A child acting out for attention. If only I could be calm, cool, and collected through all of this. Silly me has to get - involved.

A is for attention. The attention my child wants. The attention I occasionally I can't give. She knows the phrase "Mommy is working" a little too well. Lately she's been bringing her little pink toy computer over to the table. Plunking herself down beside me and saying, "Now Amelia is working too." Heart... melting!

M is for motion. My little family of three is always in motion. Amelia is nearly 2-1/2 years old. She never stops moving! I struggle every day to stop myself from moving. I feel guilt when I sit still. There are always dishes to be done, Or vacuuming. Or laundry. Or work. Steve is either driving to work or to a meeting. Or his hands are type, type, typing in response to 100+ emails he receives each day. We're on a carousel that never stops. And it doesn't even have pretty horses.

A is for acceleration. The feeling of my heart inside my chest. I'm stressed. I want to fix my SIL's pain. I want to console everyone else who has worry in their hearts. I want to better understand my daughter's tantrums so I can stop letting them get to me. I want to go to a 5-star hotel. With a spa. And a view of the ocean.

Drama, drama, go away!
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