Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Lately, I represent a dazzling mix of confusing and conflicting emotions.

I've been feeling crowded... yet lonely.
Frazzled... but bored.
Proud... and disappointed at the same time.

The rest of the world glances at the upheaval we're experiencing, offers a quick smile, maybe a word of encouragement, and then retreats back to petty concerns and narcissism. But we're in it. Deep. Through thick & thin. Banding together as a family until life becomes normal again. With a 28-month old diva on the side, just to add that extra level of difficulty.

But you know what? I have SO MUCH for which I am truly thankful. Therefore, it is time to hit "pause" on the drama and take a moment for Thankful Thursday.



- My sister-in-law. For her perseverance and determination.

- My daughter. For her intelligence and sense of humor.

- My husband. For his dedication to his family, despite never-ending career pressures.

- My parents. Because I always know they will come to my aid.

- My sister. For never letting me forget how much Amelia is loved by others.

- My in-laws. For showing what a family will do when the going gets tough.

- ME. For my health, heart, and home.

"In a time of test, family is best."
(Burmese proverb)

Have a great - and thankful - day!
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