Monday, April 25, 2011

A taste of peace

Ahhh, springtime in the mountains.

We spent our Easter weekend surrounded by greens, reds, and whites. Dogwoods in full bloom. Huge azaleas bursting with red and hot pink flowers. Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day with clear skies and sunshine. You could see the surrounding mountains miles away.

Amelia's eyes sparkled with excitement when she awoke and realized it was time to check the purple basket she so gently placed beside the door 11 hours earlier. She giggled with happiness as she hugged her new Miss Bunny and played with her funny hopping chick. She wiped her chocolatey mouth on the back of her hand as she finished off the first bunny treat.

Later that morning, we tested her patience at church. We attended a service with family, at a church we had not previously visited. The sermon was a bit long. For us, and especially for Amelia.

"Mommy!", she exclaimed mid-sermon (not quietly), "He is talking too much!" I could see a couple grins and stifled giggles from the people directly in front of us.

And a bit later, questioning the screens that only showed song lyrics and bible verses, "Where is the bunny movie?!? I don't like this show!" The poor kid thought we were at a movie.

As always, we could count on our girl to bring laughs and excessive cuteness to a beautiful holiday.

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