Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where does Daddy live? A 9/11 rememberance

"Where does Daddy live?"

"Heaven", Jack responds.

"Who does Daddy live with now?

"God. And in my heart.", Jack says.

The babies born to single mothers after 9/11 are no longer babies. They walk and run, play and laugh, sing and write. They are growing up with photos and tales of their daddies lost in the 9/11 attacks. Some businessmen, some firemen, all heroes. All an important part of history.

We remember all of these people regularly, but on this 10th anniversary of the attacks, we pause for a bit longer. We reflect a bit deeper. We thank God for what we have now, and we make sure those who were lost continue to live in our hearts.

Jack and his mother's dialogue is from an ABC News report. Also read: Son Honors the Father He Never Knew

Photos taken at The Field of Flags, Kennesaw Mountain battlefield park near Atlanta. A full-size flag was placed for every life lost in the attacks. Tomorrow morning, officials will read each & every name over the loudspeaker. A very touching tribute.
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