Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Celebrating "Momtrepreneurs" - Paper Nook


Momtrepreneur Tacy:  Owner of Paper Nook

I'm Tacy, owner of Paper Nook. After 10 years in the corporate world as a Graphic Designer, I made a decision to stay at home to raise my children and start my own business. It sounded way easier in theory than it has been in practice, but spending my days with my three year old girl and one year old boy has been rewarding beyond words. I've worn many hats since graduating from Ohio University with a BS in Visual Communications (Info. Graphics/Page Design), such as Graphic Designer and Creative Director with well-known consumer brands. Transitioning from a professional career to a stay at home mom was a challenge! Over time, I discovered a void. I desperately needed a creative outlet at the end of the day or else I'd go crazy. The result? My third baby - Paper Nook.

The inspiration for Paper Nook came from my name. Tacy isn't common. At novelty shops, my name wasn't on the bicycle license plates or personalized cups, so I'm slightly obsessed with putting my kid's names on whatever I can. Paper Nook gives me the unique ability to personalize products for parents and their children—no matter how unique the name.

A typical day for me:

7am: Kids wake up and we eat breakfast

8am: Try to respond to emails while the kids play or are doing activities

12pm: Eat lunch and then my son goes down for a nap and I answer more emails or package up orders I completed from the night before

3pm: Snack time, errands and more playing the rest of the afternoon
6pm: Make dinner and hubby is home to help with the kids

7pm: Bath time and then bed time for the kids

8pm: The real work time begins

12pm: Bedtime!
I really try to only work 3 of 5 weekdays and only on Sundays, so that I can also have quality time with the hubby a couple week nights and weekends.

Being a SAHM is definitely a very hard job. Being a SAHM while also being a work-at-home-mom is even harder. I opened my Etsy store in June 2010, a month after my second child was born, and my business has grown organically via word-of-mouth. In the future, as my kids get older, I hope to spend more of my daytime hours growing my business, but I'm completely satisfied with my work and the time I get to spend with my children.

My advice to anyone who wants to work from home is make sure you have all the support in the world from your spouse. I couldn't do it without my husband. Secondly, find a healthy balance of time for your work, your family and yourself. It's not easy and it's a moving target that requires re-calibration from week to week.

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