Saturday, August 10, 2013

MMM-azing meal: Gouda, Bacon, Garlic Grilled Ham and Cheese #Delish!

Woah, a food post? Am I in the right place?

It is a rare occurrence indeed.

I have an amazing warm, ooey, gooey sandwich recipe to share!  Perfect for Balancing Mamas, this is something semi-homemade, fast, and easy that also happens to be completely delicious.

Inspiration came from The Great Harvest Bread Company, in the form of a flavor I had not yet tried: Gouda Bacon Garlic bread! Like all Great Harvest breads, this was hearty and flavorful. Unlike other Great Harvest breads, it was also embedded with real swirls of Gouda cheese plus BACON.

Secondary inspiration came from Karen from In The Kitchen With KP, who suggested that I grill it up into a sandwich. I had some thinly-sliced fresh deli ham and creamy shredded cheese on hand, and the grilled Gouda, bacon, ham and cheese idea was born.

I lightly buttered one side of each slice of bread and laid them in a medium-heat pan. Then I layered on the shredded cheese and thin slices of deli ham. Once the bread was perfectly brown on the outside, I added a drizzle of my favorite sandwich sauce: Honey Baked Ham's Hickory Honey Mustard.

The result was warm, gooey, and incredibly tasty! The swirl of Gouda browned just enough to release fantastic flavor and a bit of crunch.

If you don't have a Great Harvest Bread location near you, modify this idea with plain white or wheat farmhouse-style bread and add some Gouda, bacon, and garlic seasoning yourself! Any favorite sauce should do - but do try the Hickory Homey Mustard sometime! Perfect sweetness component to the dish.


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