Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#WW: Pinterest-Inspired Back to School

This is why I do not often attempt the fabulous things I see on Pinterest. Original pins that inspired my attempt can be found HERE and HERE (theirs are MUCH better than mine!)

I loved the Kindergarten chalk photos and tried to recreate. Some things I learned:

  • Much better if you use HUGE letters and only the darkest colors 
  • Would work best on black pavement vs. white concrete
  • Tire marks show on white concrete
  • Kids squint when told to look up and the sun is out

Some of these are still pretty cute! I took these Tuesday night, since the first day of school is going to be quite early and a mad rush.

I'll post a few less-involved first day photos soon! You know, holding a paper sign that I wrote on with markers - a better match to my level of talent.

She also requested a photo with a book we have read excitedly for years...

My baby is in KINDERGARTEN today!!!
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