Sunday, March 15, 2015

Jeff Foxworthy writes poetry? (And we played outside)

Jeff Foxworthy is a famous Georgia native who clearly loves his home state. He uses fond memories of childhood, old neighbors, and everyday happenings to make people laugh. Most of you are likely familiar with his "You Might Be A Redneck If..." wise cracks, but did you know he has also published many books, including some adorable books of children's poetry?

I was going to tackle this Mommy and Me Monday post much like I did last week.... the lazy way, with a cute poem and some photos. I discovered Jeff Foxworthy's Dirt on My Shirt as I searched for the words I wanted to honor adjacent to my fun family playtime pics.


Surely, Jeff reminisced about the turning of Spring in Georgia as he wrote about outdoor play. He knows first-hand how our area is transformed from cold, gray, and wet to a sudden burst of light and flowers. Playgrounds and parks are instantaneously filled with people as soon as the springtime "light switch" is flipped.

Mid or high 70s for the next several days. Lots of outdoor playtime ahead!

"Dirt on My Shirt"
a poem by Jeff Foxworthy
from his 2009 book, Dirt on My Shirt

There's dirt on my shirt,
And leaves in my hair,
There's mud on my boots,
But I don't really care.

Playing outside is so much fun,
To breathe the clean air,
And feel the warm sun.

To stomp in a puddle,
Or climb a big tree,
Makes me quite happy,
Just look and you'll see. 

- - -
On Monday, I'll be linking up with Krystyn at Really, Are You Serious. Get in front of that camera, moms, and join in!
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