Thursday, March 5, 2015

Things we did before kids: our $70 breakfast in NYC

Throwback Thursday: before kids. When coming home from work meant eating something random from the fridge and watching TV. Using the bathroom in peace and quiet. Waking up at 9 am on weekends. My husband and I having the freedom to join each other on business trips once in a while - because we only had a cat who didn't care if we left him alone as long as he had an overflowing food bowl.

One such business trip was mine, to New York City. I had a conveniently-located hotel room at the Fitzpatrick Grand Central. It was an older and small hotel room, like many boutique accommodations in The Big Apple. But it fit us just fine - we didn't have a pack-n-play, toys, or extra little bodies to worry about. My husband did some sightseeing while I worked and we enjoyed two evenings out. We had read about the amazing breakfast at Norma's in the Le Parker Meridien Hotel and managed to score a reservation. So one morning we ventured just past Carnegie Hall, mouths watering for what was to come, and we waited for our table at Norma's.

Click image for Norma's webpage and original photo

Our breakfast came to $70.

One small glass of (fresh-squeezed!) orange juice was $8. I had some kind of ooey and gooey chocolate and banana something (pancakes, perhaps) and my husband had the most divine crunchy french toast, coasted with crispy crushed cereal and drizzled with a heavenly caramel concoction. Servings were huge and we took a piece of his french toast back with us for a delicious night time snack.

Click image for Norma's webpage and original photo

We will not be back to Norma's unless we get a chance to travel without kids (highly doubtful). Because let's face it, eating out with them is not relaxing. Entertaining, ordering, feeding, watching out for spills, getting the check as quickly as possible before the baby melts down... upscale experiences are wasted with the kids in tow.

At the time, we were shocked by the high cost of our breakfast but, really, the cost was not just for the food. We spent $70 on breakfast and an experience with memories of "NYC's best breakfast" that we will hold on to forever. An unforgettable breakfast date with my guy.

How's this for an even bigger splurge? The $1,000 omelette! We passed on that one.

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