Tuesday, September 15, 2015

When a toddler's cough just won't go away

My little guy, now 19 months old, has been hit hard by the start-of-daycare ickies. It began with a cold and ear infection over a month ago, then developed into a persistent cough that wakes him several times per night. For a while, we were up so frequently that it felt like we had a newborn again! More than four weeks later, he is finally beginning to sleep through a night without a coughing attack.

I brought him to the doctor a few times during this month of cough, but it was never directly treated. Persistent cough is common in toddlers who have had a cold and congestion, and it can last for a few weeks. A general rule is to take them to the doctor if they have a fever or if the cough has lasted four weeks.

How do you know if a cough is "bad"? I like this handy list from KidsHealth.org...

Kids Health - Coughing 
Understanding what different types of cough could mean will help you know how to take care of them and when to go to the doctor. 

Also, what kind of options does a parent have when all the cough medications are for children 4 or 6 years old and up? My friend over at Redhead Baby Mama compiled a smart list...

The Ultimate Cold and Cough Guide for Babies and Toddlers 
From honey pops to tame fiery throats to a simple vapor bath to help stuffy noses, colds and coughs don’t stand a chance! 

I recently found that the Vicks waterless plug-in vaporizer nightlight can help the stuffies and coughs. It is a little bit expensive and you need a new vapor pad every night, but after weeks of poor sleep due to baby's cough, sometimes money is no object. I think he slept a little bit better when we used it. My daughter also uses the nightlight when she feels too congested to fall asleep.

The season of coughs and colds is upon us, thanks to fall weather and the back-to-school bugs. These tips are important to keep in your parenting arsenal. Thanks to Redhead Baby Mama for letting me share her ultimate guide! Click on over to see all of the recommended products.

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