Friday, September 11, 2015

Yes, the kids need recess! #backtoschool

I remember last year when my friend over at Really, Are You Serious posted about her daughter's recess being taken away as class punishment. She was concerned and I think she had every right to be!

Krystyn wrote...

It’s spelled out on the board at school everyday. The “class” misbehaves or is too talkative and they get a letter marked off. If all of the letters are marked of, recess is taken away for the day.
Their measly 15-freaking-minute recess.  Read her post here: Don't Take Our Recess Away

I have heard mention of "no recess" an punishment from other friends again this year. Why would teachers ever think this is a good idea? Recess helps in social development, physical activity, and let's face it: it gets the wiggles out. Kids, especially young ones like mine and Krystyn's, need to burn energy throughout the day.

Hop over to Krystyn's post and weigh in! What do you think about recess? Do you think it should be taken away as punishment in some situations?

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