Monday, February 8, 2016

What is there to do at the Children's Museum of Atlanta?

Our family received complimentary tickets to view the newly-renovated Children's Museum of Atlanta and the current exhibit, Mystery of the Mayan Medallion. As always, all opinions are 100% mine. 

 My family is new to the Children's Museum of Atlanta. I took a small toddler Amelia there many years ago, but other events, time, and distance kept us from returning. So the entire family jumped at the chance to view the new renovation and Mayan Medallion exhibit this weekend. An Atlanta attraction that none of us had really seen before? Yes! A perfect Sunday morning outing. 

With an almost 6-year age gap between my children, we were curious if the Children's Museum of Atlanta could entertain her as well as our little guy who just celebrated turning two. The museum did not disappoint! It has captivating exhibits and play spaces for all ages. (Even my husband and I played and didn't want to leave!) 

The current feature exhibit is The Mystery of the Mayan Medallion. While a bit over the toddler's head, it was a perfect mini archaeological adventure for our second grader. Andrew did enjoy running in circles through the "cave", as he called it, and peering at insect and arachnid specimens through a magnifying glass in a rotating display, before scampering off to play with the foam darts, magic sand, or to clomp up and down the piano stairs. Did I mention there is a lot of fun to be had at this museum?!

The big hit of the day for my children was the child-sized diner a'la Waffle House in the Fundamentally Food area. Kids gravitated towards this amazing kitchen where they could serve up pretend bacon and eggs, coffee, and (of course) waffles to grown-ups in diner stools or at a classic Waffle House booth. The Diner includes an interactive jukebox filled with kid-friendly music. The children of many ages seemed to play together exceptionally well, and everyone had a great time. 

The children's museum also has a farm and tractor exhibit, plus a supermarket area stocked with Publix goods and lots of fruits and veggies, with a child-operated conveyor belt receiving dock and a checkout area. The little shopping carts were quite popular. My older child organized the shelves as the little ones wreaked havoc.

The Children's Museum of Atlanta has so much to offer children and kids-at-heart of all ages. The piano stairs led up to a science area with hands-on challenges and tasks like the robotic hand and a mind-controlled ball. The main floor offers a climbing barn with a slide and a fishing area for kids aged 5 and under, plus toy train tracks, foam dart launcher area, a huge climbing structure, and within Tools for Solution, an intricate maze where kids roll, lift, and catch dozens of balls using simple machines. 

There is more to see and do at the children's Museum of Atlanta, but those were some of our favorites. Stop by if you are in the city to have some fun with your family. The renovations are outstanding and it is a great place to spend quality time together! 

Our parking tip: there is a deck available for $10, located on the same block as the children's museum entrance. Find it on Baker Street between Williams and Centennial Olympic Park Drive. The museum is right on the corner at Centennial Olympic Park Drive.

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